Wholesale Chinese Provide Dorm Room Sheets

This kind of Dorm Room Sheets is natural and beautiful, simple and generous, simple pocket pillow, lock zipper, intimate quilt corner belt. Using printing process reactive printing and dyeing, environmental protection and natural.

Name Wholesale Chinese Provide Dorm Room Sheets
Item Number CS-51-1
MOQ At least?100 sets
Yard/Thread?Count? 40×40S/200TC
Pattern/Design Plain Dyed,Jacquard,Satin,Embroidery,Yarn Dyed,Printed,Patchwork
Material The main material of this bed is?100% cotton or polyester cotton
Quantity 4PCS(Quit cover×1, Flat sheet?×1, Pillow case×2)
Packing Within a waterproof membrane,outside carton packaging,can make adjustments based on product size.
Quilt?cover Sheet Pillow?case Suitable?for?bed?in
1600*2100mm*1 1800*2300mm*1 48*74cm*1 1.2M-1.35M?wide
2000*2300mm*1 2300*2500mm*1 48*74cm*2 1.5M-1.8M?wide
2200*2400mm*1 2500*2700mm*1 48*74cm*2 1.8M-2.0M?wide
Quilt?cover Sheet Pillow?case Suitable?for?bed?in
2000*2300mm*1 1500*2000mm*1 480*740mm*2 1.5M?wide
2000*2300mm*1 1800*2000mm*1 480*740mm*2 1.8M?wide

Our Dorm Size Sheets products are purchased by many international schools and dorms. More soft and fluffy moisture absorption – high quality cotton yarn has good moisture absorption, let you feel soft and comfortable.

Waking up from a cozy bed will help you stay in top shape for the day. A comfortable set of bedding allows you to completely relax and sleep peacefully.
When it comes to bedding, the only thing that really matters is comfort. That’s why all of our Dorm Room Duvet Covers is super soft and comfy for a good night’s sleep.

These Dorm Room Sheets Extra Long is washing method:

1.Avoid washing with other dark-colored fabrics so as to prevent dyeing.
2.Use neutral detergent. The time for soak can’t be longer than ten minutes.
3.The washing machine should be set to soft washing.
4.Avoid sun exposure. Choose to air in a ventilated place.

Extra Long Dorm Sheets?control:

(1)We check and confirm all material and details before the bulk production.
(2)We will be tracing the different phase of production from the beginning to the end.
(3)We will check the quality again before packing according to the purchase order Before ship.
(4)we will ask the QUALITY CONTROLLER to check the cargos.

Wholesale Chinese Provide Dorm Room Sheets

Wholesale Chinese Provide Dorm Room Sheets